Influence by Cecilia.

Influence by Cecilia.

How Erasmus project influenced me and how it challenged me to grow and build better

Organization: BCI Maribor, so.p.
Participant: Cecilia Gentili

I’m an Italian high school student studying foreign languages and I’m interested in the marketing and business field.

This year I decided it was time for a challenge and I applied to the Erasmus+ project. I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself and gain knowledge, thanks to the E365 project I managed to do both. By completing the tasks, I discovered more things about myself, innovative approaches to everyday life, and problem-solving and I developed expertise in the field of entrepreneurship.

Being in another country, surrounded by people I know nothing about is forcing me to cross my comfort zone every day.
While sometimes it does get challenging, I am loving it because discomfort leads to growth, and personal development is precisely what I was looking for.

Thanks to this experience I am also hearing different ideas and exchanging opinions with others, which is not only opening
my mind, but it is also helping me gain a different perspective and shift my mindset.

During this mobility, I am learning new things every day, both professionally and personally speaking. I am also improving
skills I already had, such as flexibility and adaptability and I’m becoming aware of my limits as a person.

Because of all these reasons, I advise to everyone to do an experience like this if they can. I know it might seem scary,
but it is more than worth it.

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