• Registration of a worker in compulsory social insurance for a company (form M-1)
  • Registration of sole trader and worker in compulsory social security (form M-1) for s.P.
  • Registration of a sole proprietor and a worker from compulsory social insurance (form M-2) for s.P.
  • Registration of insurance against injury at work and occupational diseases (form M12) for a company

Več E-postopkov

Social security and insurance of employees, sole proprietors and members who are managers.
Social security in Slovenia is based on the payment of contributions paid by all employees, their employers and the self-employed to the social security system. The amount of contributions paid by the employer and the worker is determined by

Zakonom o prispevkih za socialno varnost.

The employer must submit a worker’s application for compulsory social insurance on the day he commences work under the employment contract, but at the latest before the commencement of his work. If a worker fails to start work for justifiable reasons on that day, the application must be submitted no later than on the day that is agreed upon in the employment contract as the day of commencement of work.

A sole proprietor and a partner who is a manager is applying for compulsory social insurance within eight days from the date when ZPIZ-2, ZZVZZ, ZSDP-1 and ZUTD come in obveznost zavarovanja.

Contributions for social security of employees of employees as a withholding tax are withheld and taken away by the employer, and are paid to the burden of the employer and to the burden of the worker when paying the monthly salary. The basis for the calculation of contributions is gross salary.

The rates of employer and worker contributions (in brackets) are:

  • contribution for pension and disability insurance: 8.85 percent (15.50 percent),
  • contribution for compulsory health insurance: 6.56 percent (6.36 percent),
  • contribution for parental care: 0.10 percent (0.10 percent),
  • contribution for employment: 0.06 percent (0.14 percent),
  • contribution for insurance against injury at work and occupational disease in compulsory health insurance: 0.53 percent,
  • together the employer pays 16.10 percent and the worker 22.10 percent.

At the same rates, the sole trader and the shareholder who is a manager is also contributing contributions.

Prijava v obvezna socialna zavarovanja

The obligation to register as a business entity entered in the Business Register of Slovenia (eg a company, sole proprietor, a person who independently carries out a professional activity, an institution) must, from 1 January 2016, be obliged to arrange compulsory social insurance through portala e-VEM.  You need to enter the e-Vem system digitalno potrdilo.

Through the e-VEM portal, compulsory social insurance may also be regulated by a shareholder of the company or the founder of the institution, which is a manager.

Zavarovanje za primer poškodbe pri delu in poklicne bolezni

Occupational injury and occupational disease insurance is a special type of insurance that is mandatory for persons performing the activities listed in Articles 17 and 18 Zakona o zdravstvenem varstvu in zdravstvenem zavarovanju (ZZVZZ). Registration / check-out is filed on form M12.