Have you already set up a company and are looking for financial and other forms of assistance? Is your company already on the market and want to increase the volume of operations in Slovenia? Have you already expanded your business to foreign markets? Are you experiencing liquidity problems?

In cases where you answered one of the above questions in an affirmative way, ask yourself how the state can help you find the solution. The Republic of Slovenia offers companies various financial and indirect (non-financial) forms of assistance.

In doing so, the bulk of funds are dedicated to stimulating investment in growth and business development.

Assistance to economic operators is carried out by ministries, public funds, public agencies and other institutions through a series of instruments through returns (loans, guarantees, funds for capital injections in the form of venture capital) and non-refundable (subsidies, donations) forms of financial support.

Forms of state support:
In the further development of the company, you can also take advantage of indirect forms of assistance provided by various public information, training and mentoring through the provision of relevant information, or with the help of a country-based organization.

Country Supporting State (Non-financial Support):

  • SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency,
  • Business and university incubators,
  • Technological parks,
  • SPOT Entrance Points (VEMs),
  • Offices for the transfer of technologies,
  • European Enterprise Network (EEN).

VIR: eVEM http://evem.gov.si/info/poslujem/podpora-drzave-pri-razvoju/