The business plan is the basis for a good business. It defines the main directions for doing business and, at the same time, any deficiencies or risks associated with implementing an entrepreneurial idea. A good business plan is one of the key levers to acquire the necessary funds to start or expand your business both by investors, lenders and donors.

With the business plan, you can thoroughly check the relevance of the entrepreneurial idea, define the vision of the company, mission and goals, and define the business strategy of your future business.

How to prepare a business plan?

When designing a business plan, you can help with

The content structure of the business plan is standardized. In it you must define:

  • mission, vision and goals of the planned business,
  • the results of verifying the feasibility of objectives from a market, economic and technical point of view,
  • strategies to achieve the objectives set out above.

The recommended length of the business plan is from 20 to 40 pages for new businesses, and between 40 and 60 pages for already established companies representing new business projects.