A good business idea is not necessarily a good business opportunity, so it is very important to check this before starting a business plan.

Your business idea becomes a business opportunity when you find out:

  • that it can be successful in the long run,
  • that it can be carried out,
  • that the competition can not be easily copied ..

Every business idea should be judged from two aspects:

  • market (find out what its market potential is and whether it has competitive advantages),
  • technologically (assess whether a product or service can be made, it is technically acceptable, it can be protected from competitive bidders).
  • Borza potencialnih priložnosti

Evaluate the potential of your business idea

Develop your idea for as long as it becomes a real business opportunity. If you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will develop your idea over and over again – by analyzing information, talking to experts, potential buyers, strategic partners, investors, and all the others who can help you on your business path.

In assessing and evaluating your idea, you can help in the following ways:

  • visit the consultants at our points SPOT (VEM),
  • consult with people who are professional and impartial,
  • conduct a shorter market research and analysis of existing providers,
  • fill out the form for individual presentation and assessment of the business idea prescribed by the Employment Office of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of obtaining a subsidy for self-employment.
  • Vrednotenje ideje – Podjetniški portal

If, on the basis of an assessment of the idea, you find that your business idea is also a business opportunity, prepare it poslovni načrt and consider possible protection of intellectual property.

Protection of intellectual property

By registration of a trade mark, model or patent, you obtain the exclusive right to use the logo (name), design or technical solution. You need to take care of your intellectual property, which can represent the bulk of your company’s value.

Izrabite vse priložnosti, ki vam jih nudi sistem varovanja intelektualne lastnine. Ne dovolite, da drugi posegajo v vaše pravice in vas brez dovoljenja posnemajo, hkrati pa predhodno preverite, da morda sami ne posegate v že obstoječe pravice tretjih. Seznanite se z osnovnimi informacijami o intelektualni lastnini, check javno dostopne baze obstoječih pravic intelektualne lastnine and for advice, please contact Urad RS za intelektualno lastnino.

You can also submit an application for registration of a trade mark or model elektronsko.

Javno dostopne baze obstoječih pravic intelektualne lastnine

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