The Republic of Slovenia offers various types of financial and non-financial or indirect assistance to your company to start or expand operations.

Financial forms of assistance are available to your company within the framework of various measures by ministries, public funds, public agencies and other institutions in the following forms:

  • repayment assistance (loans, guarantees or guarantees, and funds for capital injection in the form of venture capital are available in particular for the expansion and internationalization of enterprises),
  • Non-refundable grants (subsidies are available in particular for the launch of new innovative enterprises and incentives for self-employed workers.

Non-refundable grants (subsidies are available in particular for the launch of new innovative enterprises and incentives for self-employed workers.

Indirect (non-financial) state aid

Non-financial or indirect state aid is very diverse in Slovenia.

Support ProviderType of support

Vstopne točke SPOT (VEM)
Information, basic advice, company registration in

Podjetniški inkubatorji
Equipped offices, business and other support services

Univerzitetni inkubatorji
Equipped offices, business consulting and mentoring, free educational workshops Podjetniški inkubator Univerze v Mariboru Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator Univerzitetni razvojni center in inkubator Primorske  

Tehnološki parki
Equipped offices, mentoring, consulting, coworking

Iniciativa Start:up Slovenija
Information, networking, organization of the competition

Mreža European Enterprise Network (EEN)
Search for business partners, information, counseling

State financial support

  • incentives for self-employed and funds for the launch of new innovative companies are mostly available in the form of subsidies
  • incentives for economic momentum and internationalization, measures are predominantly in the form of returns
Support ProviderType of support

Slovenski podjetniški sklad
Innovation start-up funds for innovative enterprises (P2A and P2B): start-up capital for new innovative companies, more favorable sources of funding for corporate development investments (subsidies, guarantees), promotion of private investment (equity, loans, guarantees)

Agencija RS za kmetijske trge in razvoj podeželja
Support for the creation and development of micro-enterprises (312)

Zavod RS za zaposlovanje
Self-employment subsidies / occasional provision of grants for self-employment

Slovenski regionalno razvojni sklad
Financial incentives, especially in the form of returnable funds, for initial investments in the field of entrepreneurship, agriculture, regional development, financial investments in regional guarantee schemes, pre-financing projects with approved European funds

SID banka
Providing favorable financial resources for companies, export insurance business

Eko sklad
Providing favorable financial resources for investing in environmentally-oriented projects and energy efficiency

Other forms of support for entrepreneurship

Support ProviderType of support

Coworking prostori Coworking MB Hekovnik
Business start-up, networking, search for business partners, information, counseling, training

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije
Counseling, training, assistance in internationalization

Obrtno podjetniška zbornica Slovenije
Counseling, training, issuing craft licenses, EU certificates, certificates for occasional craft activities in the Republic of Slovenia, licenses for carrying out transport

Program Erasmus za mlade podjetnike
Co-financing entrepreneurship training – exchange of experience among entrepreneurs within the EU