If you are thinking about setting up a business or expanding your business to new activities, first check the feasibility of your business idea and izdelajte poslovni načrt. Also, check to see if you need to meet certain conditions and define your activity to perform your activity poslovno obliko your company.P

Poslovna ideja

First of all, consider whether your business idea is also a business opportunity, and what is the chance for its implementation

Poslovni načrt

An appropriate business plan is the basis for a good business, and it can also be a key instrument that enables you to obtain the necessary start up assets.

Državna spodbuda za zagon

Grants that you can obtain from the Republic of Slovenia are intended to encourage the launch of innovative companies with the potential for rapid growth.

Načini poslovanja

You can set up an enterprise or engage in your activity as a natural person through an underwriting or copyright contract.

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