Here you will find information about the conditions for performing activities and services in the field of justice and protecting people and property.

Review the list of activities, professions, and permissions in this area, and familiarize yourself with the terms, permissions, and procedures.

The list is being updated and developed.

List of activities

Detective activity
Protecting people and property
Protecting people
Transport and security of cash and other valuable items
Protecting public gatherings
Protecting events in catering establishments
Management with a security control center
Design of technical security systems
Implementation of technical security systems
Judicial expertise
Judicial valuation
Municipal management
Judicial interpretation
The activity of the manager in proceedings for insolvency and compulsory liquidation
Certification service or other services relating to authentication or electronic signatures
Other legal activities (69,103)
Technical testing and analysis (71,200)
Security (80,100)
Public order and safety activities (84,240)
Protection and rescue of fires and accidents (84,250)
Judiciary (84,230)
Defense (84,220)