In order to carry out certain activities – especially in the field of catering, trade, warehousing, production, education, various workshops, laboratories, clinics and similar – you need to provide an adequate business space.

When registering a company, this condition is not checked, but the entrepreneur must provide a business space and obtain the appropriate permit before starting the activity for which this condition is prescribed.

The facility in which the business premises is located must have a valid permit

You can rent or buy your property. It is best to check, before renting or buying a property, if it already has an authorization to use for proper business purposes, that is, the performance of a specific business activity is possible immediately after the takeover.

As a rule, any facility in which the business premises is located must have a valid permit, regardless of the activity (also applies to the office).

Useful license is issued by the competent administrative unit (Department of Environment and Spatial Planning) in the area where the property is located.

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Performing activities in a private house or apartment

Most companies initially register their business address at home, in a private house or in a dwelling. This can be done by all those who engage in an activity that does not interfere with other residents and for which a statutory or other regulation does not stipulate that a commercial space is compulsory.

The owner of the house can carry out the permitted activity in the part of the apartment in which he lives and the change of purpose is not necessary. These are activities that do not disturb other residents in the peaceful use of housing and do not cause excessive burden on common parts. Whether the floor owner can perform such an activity is decided by the floor owners of the building, which also assesses or will disturb the business (customers, parking, use of common parts, costs, …).

The condition for performing the permitted activity in the part of the dwelling is the consent of the co-owners, whose co-ownership share represents more than 75%, including the consents of all the floor owners who, in any way, borders with its residential unit. At the start of the activity, the owner of the house must inform the manager about this. The same applies to rented dwellings where you must also obtain the permit of the owner of the apartment in which you live.

Commercial space in a private house or apartment

If you want to carry on your business activity in business premises in an existing building, you must first obtain a building permit for the change of purpose and a usable permit. When issuing a building permit, you will need the consent of all the floor owners.

Business premises – business address

In the process of setting up a business, you choose a business location, a street, and a house number, where you will perform an activity, or where you will mainly conduct business. MORE about business address +

Public use of copyright works in business premises

If you are publicly using copyright works in your outlets, catering establishments, car parks in front of commercial buildings, offices and other premises open to customers, at events and similar events, you must pay compensation to the competent collecting society in cases where it is necessary under the ZASP, to obtain the appropriate right from it.