Here you will find information about the conditions for performing activities and services in the field of craft activities.

Review the list of activities, professions, and permissions in this area, and familiarize yourself with the terms, permissions, and procedures.

The list is being updated and developed.

List of activities

Facade and knitting works
Laundry and dry cleaning
Tattooing and piercing (piercing the body)
Production of beams and roofs
Repair and maintenance of motorcycles
Grinding and replacing blades and saw blades, welding repairs
Vehicle refinement
Repair and maintenance of computers and peripherals
Repair of electronic consumer goods
Electrical repairs and repair of electronic ignition engines for motor vehicles
Repair of motor vehicle bodies
Regular servicing of motor vehicles
Installation of electrical installations and devices
Installation of plumbing, gas and heating installations and devices
Setting up the roofs
Roofing and Roofing (43,910)
Repair of electrical equipment
Repair and maintenance of machines for the paper industry
Repair and maintenance of presses for particle board, etc.
Repair and maintenance of industrial refrigeration and treatment plants
Repair and maintenance of agricultural and forestry tractors and other machinery
Repair and maintenance of fluid technology
Repair and maintenance of energy transfer mechanisms
Manufacture of wooden doors, windows, frames and thresholds
Manufacture of wooden shingles, strips and decorations from wood
Manufacture of mobile homes
Repair and maintenance of construction machines
Manufacture of wooden shutters
Repair of parts of motor vehicles, including seats
Production of wooden prefabricated buildings
Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
Eyeglasses repair and optics
Mechanical repair of motor vehicles