Here you will find information on the conditions for performing activities and services in the field of agriculture.

Review the list of activities, professions, and permissions in this area, and familiarize yourself with the terms, permissions, and procedures.

The list is being updated and developed.

List of activities

Commercial fishing at sea
Implementation of disinfection, disinsection and deratization according to the Veterinary Law
Veterinary clinic at the breeding ground of young breeding bulls
Veterinary pharmacy station
Veterinary clinic in the insemination center
Cutting-down planning
Construction and maintenance of forest roads
Veterinary clinic
Veterinary clinic C
Veterinary hospital
Veterinary clinic A
Veterinary clinic B
Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables (10.390)
Citrus cultivation (01.230)
Cultivation of other fruit trees and shrubs (01.250)
Cultivation of other permanent crops (01.290)
Cultivation of marine organisms
Growing of pome and stone fruit (01.240)
Cultivation of beverages (01.270)
Cultivation of freshwater organisms
Cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruits (01.220)
Growing of seasoning, aromatic and medicinal plants (01.280)
Identification and registration of animals: cattle, sheep, pigs
Carrying out diagnostic tests and other tests of agricultural plant propagation material
Implementation of operational monitoring of the introduction of dangerous substances and plant nutrients into the soil
Breeding of equidae
Hunting (01,700)
Dairy and cheese (10,510)
Milling (10,610)
Marine fishing (03.110)
Pickling of forest goods, other than wood (02300)
Assessment of lean meat and classification of carcases of pigs
Assessment of active substances and plant protection products (PPPs)
Performing field inspections of agricultural seeds and propagating material under official control
Sampling of seed crops of agricultural plants under official control
Rejuvenation of pigs
Tea and coffee processing (10,830)
Processing and preserving potatoes (10.310)
Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs (10.200)
Growing of flowers and other annual plants (01.190)
Growing of oil fruits (01.260)
Growing of fiber plants (01.160)
Growing of rice (01.120)
Growing of sugar cane (01.140)
Tobacco growing (01.150)
Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (01.130)
Growing of cereals (except rice), pulses and oil seeds (01.110)
Mineral extraction for chemicals and fertilizers (08.910)
Salt extraction (08.930)
Extraction of peat (08.920)
Preparation of crops (01.630)
Breeding of cattle (milk production)
Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery (10,820)
Manufacture of margarine and similar edible fats (10.420)
Meat production, other than poultry (10.110)
Manufacture of meat products (10.130)
Manufacture of oils and fats (10.410)
Poultry meat production (10.120)
Manufacture of prepared meals and dishes (10,850)
Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices (10.320)
Sugar production (10,810)
Ice Cream Production (10,520)
Production of starch and starch products (10,620)
Pasta production (10,730)
Manufacture of spices, perfumes and other additives (10,840)
Implementation of professional training in fisheries
Production and distribution of plants and plant products
Classification and marking of bovine carcasses
Cattle rearing
Livestock of other animals (01.490)
Camel camel (01.440)
Breeding poultry
Sensory evaluation of virgin olive oil
Freshwater fisheries (03.120)
Forestry services (02,400)
Services for crop production (01.610)
Livestock services, except veterinary (01.620)
Keeping books
Collection of data on competitions with equidae
Sawing, planing and impregnation of wood (16,100)
Preparation for the marketing and marketing of agricultural plant propagation material
Preparation for the marketing and marketing of seed mixtures
Seed treatment (01.640)
Resin extraction
Getting Christmas trees
Cultivation of forests and other forestry activities (02,100)
Veterinary (75,000)
Other cattle
Recreational sea fishing
Production of must and non-bottled wine
Bottling wine
Production of other grape and wine products
Organoleptic evaluation of wines
Collecting shellfish
Sports sea fishing
Sports sea fishing with an underwater rifle
Breeding fish for fertilization
Fishing in fishing waters
Commercial ponds
Implementation of safety training in agricultural mechanization
Retail sale of plant protection products
Implementation of performance tests for plant protection products (PPPs)
Laboratories for the implementation of inspection of traffic and use of plant protection products (PPP)
Retail trade of plant protection products for non-professional use
Fishing management
Certification and control over the production of organic and integrated agricultural products
Manufacture of soft drinks, mineral and other bottled waters
Production of agricultural products or foodstuffs
Tackling the wild indigenous fish species
Cultivation and protection of forests
Forest seeds
Transportation of forest timber assortments
Get the wood

and other works in the forest
Slaughterhouse operations
Testing stations in horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and goats
Test stations in beekeeping
Other recognized organizations in livestock farming
Dusty station in animal husbandry
Semen center for animal husbandry
Organization for the transplantation of embryos in animal husbandry
Beekeeping nurseries
Provision of a public plant health service
Importation and movement of certain harmful organisms, plants, plant products and regulated articles for experimental, research or development purposes
Special treatment and labeling of wooden packaging material in accordance with the ISPM-15 standard
Growing and marketing of beneficial organisms for the purpose of biotic plant protection
Introduction and use of non-native species of organisms for biological plant protection
Import and distribution of potatoes
Carrying out analyzes of seed material of agricultural plants under official control
Official certification of agricultural seeds and propagating material
Production of agricultural seeds and propagating material
Practical activity in veterinary medicine
Plant propagation (01300)