Here you will find information about the conditions for performing activities and services in the construction industry.

Review the list of activities, professions, and permissions in this area, and familiarize yourself with the terms, permissions, and procedures.

The list is being updated and developed.

List of activities
Audit of project documentation for construction
Installation of heat and sound insulation
Technical design and consulting
Landscape-architectural design
Spatial planning
Construction supervision
Ground preparatory work
Test drilling and sounding
Demolition of buildings
Geodetic activity
Construction of water facilities
Installation of chimneys and stoves (industrial and other)
Building the foundation, also pilots pilots
Construction of other civil engineering structures
Construction of utility infrastructure for electricity and telecommunications
Construction of facilities for supply infrastructure for liquids and gases
Construction of bridges and tunnels
Road construction
Services with lifts and other construction machinery
Waterproofing works
Bending steel reinforcement
Architectural design
Real estate brokerage
Installation of building furniture
Floor and wall covering
Glazing work
Painting works
Finishing construction work
Drilling and digging shafts
Installation of metal structures
Installation, dismantling of work platforms and platforms
Other specialized construction activities (43,990)
Construction of railways and underground railways (42.120)
Renting and operating of own or leased real estate (68,200)
Organization of building projects (41,100)
Manufacture of lime and plaster (23,520)
Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes (23.610)
Cement production (23,510)
Manufacture of other technical ceramics (23,440)
Manufacture of other ceramic products (23.490)
Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes (23,620)
Manufacture of insulators and insulating elements made of ceramics (23.430)
Manufacture of mining and construction machinery (28.920)
Manufacture of sanitary ware (23.420)
Manufacture of tiles, bricks and other builders’ products of baked clay (23.320)
Production of fresh concrete mixture (23,630)
Designing forest roads
Designing harvesting timber with forest lifts
Joinery and carpentry (16.230)
Trading with own real estate (68,100)
Real estate management for payment or under contract (68,320)
Other engineering activities and technical consultancy (71,129)
Other construction installations (43,290)
Construction of networks and associated infrastructure in the field of electronic communications
Maintenance of communication networks