How to obtain a digital certificate for online business?

The electronic services of the e-Vem portal are free of charge, but you need a digital certificate to use them. You need a digital certificate, for example, to set up an enterprise through E-Vemo, or to make a registration in compulsory social security or send a tax return through the portal of eduvas.

The digital certificate is intended to provide secure and legitimate e-commerce.

There are several digital certificate issuers operating in Slovenia, including SIGEN-CA- publisher at the Ministry of Public Administration.


The register includes four digital certificate auditors in the Republic of Slovenia, which provide a service for issuing and managing qualified digital certificates for secure electronic signature:

Ministry of Public Administration

The Certifier at the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA), within the framework of the SIGEN-CA service, issues qualified digital certificates for citizens, legal entities and natural persons registered for performing activities. For citizens, certificates are free of charge, while others have to pay an annual fee in accordance with the valid price list.

Instructions for downloading the digital certificate SIGEN-CA: Ministry of Public Administration
Price list of digital certificates SIGEN-CA
Nova Ljubljanska banka d. d.

It issues online digital certificates for natural persons, for employees, legal entities and for natural persons, registered for performing activities.

Instructions for accepting a digital certificate: Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.
Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.

Issues online digital certificates for end-users (natural or legal persons) and server systems.

Instructions for downloading the digital certificate POŠTA®CA
Price list of digital certificates POŠTA®CA
Halcom d.d.

Issues online digital certificates to end-users (natural or legal persons).

Instructions for downloading the digital certificate: Halcom CA FO
Accepting and moving an online digital certificate

You can download and store the online digital certificate in two ways:

into the internal browser collection (you do not need a smart card and smart card reader) or
on a smart card (you need a smart card reader).
Detailed instructions for downloading the online digital certificate are available on the websites of digital certificate providers.